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Connector Woo Odoo By Tech-Receptives

Naast Magento is nu ook de WooCommerce connector voor Odoo uitgekomen. WooCommerce is een webshop addon voor Wordpress en is naast Magento het meest gebruikte e-commerce platform.


This module implements several Web Services which are missing in core WooCommerce, as this methods are required to synchronize WooCommerce with Odoo ERP. As of now, there are no methods available just to get ids of the products, customers ,orders. This plug-in provides set of methods by which you can get list of ids of the products, customers, orders and also details of the categories for a specific product.


Here's the list of methods which help you to get list of ids:

  • List of the Product Ids(/products/list)
  • List of the Order Ids(/orders/list)
  • List of the Coupons Ids(/coupons/list)
  • List of the Customers Ids(/customers/list)
  • List of the Categories Ids(/categories/list)
  • List of the Details of the Categories of specific product(/products//category/details)

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